Hi, I’m Agbogbo Cassidy Ebakole popularly known as Ebby Cassidy.

Who is Ebby Cassidy?

Agbogbo Cassidy Ebakole popularly known as Ebby Cassidy is the CEO & Founder of EbbysGlow Skincare, Ebby Outfits, Ebby Hair and Ebby Logistics.
Before starting her various online businesses, Ebby Cassidy, an indigene of Esan, Edo State, has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. The dream became a reality in the year 2014 when she started her clothing business – Ebby Outfits. Thanks to her people skills, thousands of people started appreciating her work, referrals were rolling in, and she went on to start her other online businesses.
The Ebby’s brand is into Clothing, Hair, and Skincare Products. Ebby Outfits have to do with all kinds of luxury and fashionable female wears/accessories for all kinds of occasions. Ebby Hair has to do with sales of luxury and quality raw virgin hairs. EbbysGlow Skincare has to do with handmade natural products for flawless and radiant skin.
Ebby Cassidy is dedicated to being the best version of herself. In years to come, she hopes The Ebby brand is known all over the world & recognized for its emphasis on quality and customer’s satisfaction. Follow me @exclusivebby1